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Quantum Spice

29 new synthetic cannabinoids were reported by the EMCDDA in 2013
John W Huffman has already synthesised more than 450 synthetic cannaboids by himself
In 2013, EMCDDA monitoring identified 651 websites selling "legal highs" to Europeans

The aim of QUANTUM SPICE is to develop faster, cheaper and more accurate methods for the quantification of Spice and other drug compounds. It combines complementary analytical methods for the development of new 13C labeled standards with PoC testing devices for the detection of such compounds.


The project QUANTUM SPICE is a consortium consisting of two research–based SMEs, which together possess the knowledge and extensive experience needed to achieve the project objectives. Chiron will address the indispensable need for the synthesis of new certified reference materials (CRMs) in order to generate the necessary compounds for the development of specific antibodies for POCT. nal von minden has the know-how and resources to work on the development of these new POCT devices. Furthermore, both companies will be jointly validating results obtained by cross analysis of gold-standards to arrive at a cost–efficient, accurate and marketable solution.

Chiron has been producing high quality analytical reference standards for the fields of petrochemistry, forensic science, pharmaceutical chemistry, environmental control and food-and-beverage safety for more than 30 years. Chiron is based in Norway with headquarters in the city of Trondheim. Since 1983 they have supplied reference standards of high purity for petroleum, geochemical, and environmental analysis, as well as chiral and other fine chemicals of pharmaceutical interest. High focus on basic research applied to environmental and petroleum problems has brought Chiron to the forefront of analytical chemistry. This is a result of many years of investments, the enthusiasm and pioneer spirit of their team, and a close cooperation with academic institutions and customers worldwide.


nal von minden GmbH
nal von minden GmbH specialises in in-vitro diagnostic products. In the field of drug analysis and medical diagnosis, they provide a comprehensive and innovative range of products of the highest quality. Their current portfolio includes rapid tests and ELISA tests for the areas of pediatrics, gynecology, urology, infectious diseases, bacteriology, serology and toxicology.